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Popular packages for BlueSpice 2.23.x in the shop for self-installation

Next to some packages for the older version BlueSpice 2.22.x, you can now purchase our most popular packages for BlueSpice 2.23.x in the BlueSpice shop e.g.

  • Teamwork: modul for reviews, approvals and workflows in a BlueSpice Wiki. Very important for quality assurance and in combination with the Reminder package you will keep articles up-to-date.
  • Bookmaker: combine single articles to an online handbook with an automatically generated chapter navigation. Convert complete books, single chapters or pages into the PDF format and export it including all attached files from the articles, a cover and a clickable table of contents!
  • WikiExplorer: browse, sort and filter content according to specific criteria. This is how you identify necessary tasks to administer content in the wiki.
  • VisualDiff: compare article versions with colored highlighting in three different views. This is how you detect even smallest changes at first glance.
  • Reminder: keep articles up-to-date, because the package reminds you after a certain time period to check the content and to revise it.
  • PasteImage: insert and upload images by using Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste

Choose those functionalities you need and combine them to your business wiki.
Just purchase, dowload, install and get started – all by yourself!

The BlueSpice web shop – extensions, themes and modules for enterprise MediaWikis

The BlueSpice Shop
The BlueSpice Shop

Today we published the new BlueSpice web shop. Now modules and solutions in strong demand are also affordable for small budgets. In the shop you will find extensions for ratings, adverts and more.

And this is how it works: in the webshop the customer only gets the software included an installation manual and one hour product support, but without any further services or additional workshops. Due to this, the web offers are at a highly reduced rate.

In the shop you choose your product(s) and checkout afterwards. After you made sure that you´ve read the system requirements you can pay by bank wire. When we received the payments the software will be downloadable in your customer area.  You don’t have to adapt the software for installation. And because of the reason that BlueSpice is open source, you are free to change the code, but be aware that if you do so, you cannot assert any claims based on defects. If you have problems with the configuration, our support will be available to answer questions.

Customers get a tested version with free licences as well as a second-level support. With the shop, we provide an offer that is supposed to fill a gap, because many  operators have deep IT knowledge and are able to install the modules by themselves. Another reason is that a lot of wikis are in a development stage which means that major investments are not possible. In the shop you can buy extensions on demand.

But we still offer the packages with installation services by the developer which is important especially for business-critical wiki platforms. Furthermore we recommend a subscription for business customers. With regard to at least one release every half year for MediaWiki and BlueSpice, subscriptions are cheaper in the long term to keep your wiki software up to date.

In the beginning we offer some packages like rating tools, versioning  and more as well as a few smaller downloads like the free navigation icons in different colours or the mobile app. But later we will also offer solutions like BlueSpice docu for documentation platforms or BlueSpice public for web platforms. The range will be completed by themes (skins) and MediaWiki compatible extensions. Please notice that when we launch the shop not everything is available yet.  So, at the moment it is possible to pay by bank transfer only and  there will be a few changes for the design of the shop and further payment options in the future. We will enrich the range of our products later on. So have a look – it is already worth it and stay tuned. We will keep you informed on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the BlueSpice blog.