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Coming soon with BlueSpice 3 – a look at the road map

I can hardly believe it: the current version of BlueSpice, BlueSpice 2, will be four years old this year. It feels like just a few months ago that we announced Version 2. Anyway, it is now time to start thinking about a new version and to continue writing the road map. At Hallo Welt! we […]

BlueSpice 2.27.0 released

Our focus: quality assurance, usability and farming. We proudly announce today’s stable release of the new BlueSpice for MediaWiki 2.27.0. It is our second release this year and brings new features and numerous optimizations. Above all, it is fully compatible with the long-time support version MediaWiki 1.27. All detailed information can be found in our […]

BlueSpice 2: The new version coming up later this year!

We started with BlueSpice three years ago in October 2010. Since then, we have gradually expanded and improved the software. In the fall of 2013, we are taking the plunge and publishing a completely revised version. The new version of BlueSpice builds on the experience we have amassed working with public company wikis and user […]

Roadmap: Ideas for the New Version!

A little over two years ago we published the first BlueSpice version. Since that time the software was enhanced enormously. BlueSpice is used in more than 100 countries and the downloads still rise. No reason for us to pause. This year we will take the software to a higher level. BlueSpice will better cooperate with […]

Download BlueSpice 1.20.0 (STABLE)

There is now a stable release: BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20 Date: 2012-12-21 This is a major release (rev 7909). Download Changelog Installation manual Some improvements: ArticleInfo: Change order of informations Distribution: Tagcloud Distribution: Calendar FeedbackHelper: Feedback to the BlueSpic-Team Framework: Internationalization of MediaWiki Framework: Support for MW 1.17 to 1.21wmf InsertFile: […]

New Release: BlueSpice 1.20

Now you can download the new BlueSpice 1.20 (beta) Release on sourceforge.net. But wait a second, 1.20?! It’s no mistake! We decided to match the BlueSpice version number with the MediaWiki version numbers. So users benefit from MediaWiki innovations. From now on, BlueSpice versions will be named after the following rules: The number in the […]

Download the BlueSpice Mobile App

Central topics in webdevelopment are cloud and mobile services. The BlueSpice team develops for both new attractions. Today we reached a new milestone by publishig the first free mobile app für BlueSpice. Now you can view, edit and manage your BlueSpice MediaWiki enterprise distribution from your mobile device (Android or webOS). Just download the app […]

Bugfix Release 1.1.1

Some inconvient bugs have been fixed by the BlueSpice developers in the last days. And so we decided to publish a new release of BlueSpice free: Download. InsertCategory shows correct hierarchy InsertFile / InsertLink double button problem solved VisualEditor Word import without <span> and <div> tags ExtendedSearch offers better results UniversalExport / UEModulePDF some bugs […]

BlueSpice 1.1 stable released

After publishing BlueSpice 1.1 beta we are now offering BlueSpice free 1.1 stable. You can download the new edition at sourceforge (zip, 58.9 MB). Thank you for your support and have fun with the new BlueSpice free! Some release notes: Improved performance: Work much faster with BlueSpice New databases supported: PostgreSQL and Oracle Improved cache […]

BlueSpice 1.1 beta released

We have published a beta release of the BlueSpice free 1.1. You can download this version at sourceforge. Please notice, that this is a development release for testing, not for productive systems. Download Installationsanleitung Bugtracking The Release Notes BlueSpice Core 1.1 beta / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.1 beta Date: 2012-02-24 This is a minor release. […]