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BlueSpice 2.27.2 released

Now even more user-friendly with impressive new features

We have great news: we are proud to announce the new BlueSpice release 2.27.2. After scarcely three months, we are already publishing the second release of the year.

Looking forward to the release of BlueSpice Version 3 in 2018, we are already working hard on many small adjustments, making BlueSpice even more user-friendly, so you can operate it more intuitively. This means that the new version already contains valuable features and improvements, so it is more convenient to use and working on it is more efficient.

You can find all the detailed information and documentation on our BlueSpice Helpdesk:

Here is an overview of the most important innovations in BlueSpice pro 2.27.2:

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Coming soon with BlueSpice 3 – a look at the road map

BrokenSphere, Street traffic in the Place de l’Étoile as seen from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

I can hardly believe it: the current version of BlueSpice, BlueSpice 2, will be four years old this year. It feels like just a few months ago that we announced Version 2. Anyway, it is now time to start thinking about a new version and to continue writing the road map.

At Hallo Welt! we have spent the last months collecting ideas, and checking and weighting requirements.

At our yearly strategy meeting, Markus Glaser presented his technical plan. So now it is official that we will publish a new BlueSpice Version 3 in the first quarter of 2018. The road map for our new MediaWiki distribution contains essential innovations and improvements we have wanted for a long time. BlueSpice 3 will achieve a new level of stability and flexibility. Continue Reading

BlueSpice 2.27.0 released

New BlueSpice release 2.27.0.

Our focus: quality assurance, usability and farming.

We proudly announce today’s stable release of the new BlueSpice for MediaWiki 2.27.0. It is our second release this year and brings new features and numerous optimizations. Above all, it is fully compatible with the long-time support version MediaWiki 1.27.

All detailed information can be found in our BlueSpice Helpdesk:
Notable changes,
Release notes with changelog,
• Installation instructions with installer and without installer,
Update instructions.

We have installed some pretty helpful features. The focus is on characteristics such as quality assurance, usability and farming.

These are the most important new features of BlueSpice pro 2.27.0:

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BlueSpice 2: The new version coming up later this year!

We started with BlueSpice three years ago in October 2010. Since then, we have gradually expanded and improved the software. In the fall of 2013, we are taking the plunge and publishing a completely revised version.

The new version of BlueSpice builds on the experience we have amassed working with public company wikis and user requests and suggestions. But opening up BlueSpice for developers and vendors is also an important step. We took this into account in the planning stage by inviting our users to participate in a feature poll.  The architectural changes below the surface also have this aim.

The schedule: In October 2013, both the beta and the stable versions will be launched. The good news is that most of the changes have already been done. We don´t want to let the release become a never ending story and so we decided on for a timebox approach. It´s better to have one feature less than to jeopardize the release date. Nevertheless, there is a lot of work which has to be done!


1. New tools for quality management

Let´s start with wiki contents. With BlueSpice 2 it will become easier to control content quality by using new functions:

  • A reminder feature will let authors add articles to a watchlist and will remind them to review the article after a defined period of time. We will completely revise our workflow tool (Review) in line with this new function next year. This tool will make the workflow process much more flexible.
  • BlueSpice 2 comes with a dashboard for users and administrators to organize their tasks. A feature that’s been eagerly awaited! This central dashboard can be individually filled with different widgets.
  • Extensions which may seem minor will significantly change day-to-day work with the wiki:  We are adopting the new notification system from MediaWiki, which unifies the notification process and makes it clearer. Articles can be added to the watchlist with one click, like in Wikipedia. And last but not least, it is possible to assign a category to an image in the upload dialogue.


2. Better usability, faster navigation and a new “State of the art” search function

A lot of things are changing in terms of usability too:

  • Visual editor upgrade: We are integrating the new TinyMCE 4. The development of the native MediaWiki editor is progressing (see current testing page), but not as fast as we expected. In direct comparison, the current BlueSpice solution is still several steps ahead. Due to this, an upgrade of TinyMCE is worthwhile. Changing to the MediaWiki editor remains on the agenda for some time in the future. This could take place at the end of 2014.
  • The dialogue technology is also being upgraded, and we are using the opportunity to improve usability in a number of ways. Users should be able to search for categories and users much faster in dialogues. Long scrolling will become unnecessary.
  • The upgrade of the search function to a new Solr server provides new possibilities: You can now navigate with the search. Many of you will like the new feature “More like this”, which shows similar articles at the bottom of a page.
  • There are also two more tools which will make working with articles easier: From now on, user can create checklists and multiupload enables you to upload several files at the same time. With the new version of InsertMagic, inserting tags and variables will become much easier.


3. Less time spent on administration and rights management

There is good news for sysops. Administrators and installers will be able to configure BlueSpice 2 more quickly:

  • The rights management of MediaWiki has “grown” and recognizes a lot more characteristics. We have found a way to make the managing the wiki more transparent for administrators who do not have extensive knowledge of MediaWiki. We are integrating this in BlueSpice 2.
  • If you install BlueSpice 2 for the first time, it will already have the most popular preferences set as default.


4. BlueSpice becomes a “real” MediaWiki extension

The major changes to BlueSpice are taking place under the bonnet. BlueSpice has worked with its own libraries for a long time. We did this to keep legal opportunities open for proprietary components. However, something has changed in the general legal concept, so we can do without this special architectural arrangement. And we gain a lot:

  • The systems performance improves, because we can now use the MediaWiki-ResourceLoader – and therefore important MediaWiki resources.
  • The free version, with its new architecture, can now become part of the MediaWiki Git Repository. This is an important step towards developing an independent developer community. You can already catch a glimpse of the initial code version, which will soon be updated on a weekly basis, here.
  • BlueSpice is also becoming more international. Opening BlueSpice up for freelance developers in the global MediaWiki community lays the foundation for many new language versions.


5. New themes and user-friendliness

There is also more openness in the new layout and design. The distinctive BlueSpice skin has won many admirers. However, after nearly four years BlueSpice needs a new face. Or to be more precise: It will be possible to give BlueSpice a range of faces.

  • So, BlueSpice 2 comes with a new standard skin. This skin (we have not yet decided on a name) has a responsive design, optimized for mobile equipment. Above all, the range of functions has been tidied up leaving more space for the content. An initial sketch of the new skin will be ready for viewing soon on BlueForge. However, of course, BlueSpice 2 supports the existing BlueSpice skin too.
  • The function Flexiskin gives you more individuality, allowing the basic layout to be customized more easily. Our age old software HalloWiki had a Flexiskin module. Now BlueSpice is getting one too.

BlueSpice 2 aims to provide new momentum and ideas. In any case, we are bringing many important stimuli for the user. And, of course, there is still a long wish list for further features. We will be able to say more about these points at the start of next year. This is when the roadmap for BlueSpice 2 will be updated.

Roadmap: Ideas for the New Version!

A little over two years ago we published the first BlueSpice version. Since that time the software was enhanced enormously. BlueSpice is used in more than 100 countries and the downloads still rise.

No reason for us to pause. This year we will take the software to a higher level. BlueSpice will better cooperate with MediaWiki and will support more languages.

But what else should be done? Which features are missing, how can we optimize the existent ones? Should we focus on improvements the usability or do we need better team management tools?

Join the discussion!

Until July 14th, 2013 we collect and discuss proposals of community members like you at the BlueSpice Feature Poll. The most important and highest rated ideas will likely be included in the next version.

We need your help. Share your ideas with us!

Download BlueSpice 1.20.0 (STABLE)

There is now a stable release:

BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20

Date: 2012-12-21 This is a major release (rev 7909).

Some improvements:

  • ArticleInfo: Change order of informations
  • Distribution: Tagcloud
  • Distribution: Calendar
  • FeedbackHelper: Feedback to the BlueSpic-Team
  • Framework: Internationalization of MediaWiki
  • Framework: Support for MW 1.17 to 1.21wmf
  • InsertFile: Duplicate
  • InsertFile: Licences
  • InsertMagic: Insert tags and wiki words with a tool
  • MailChanges: Mailtemplates with wiki site
  • PageAccess: Assignment of permissions for single articles
  • ResponsibleEditors: Permissions for resopnsible editors
  • SaferEdit: Improvements within collision detection
  • Shoutbox: Delete shouts
  • SmartList: Newer Tag: Toplist
  • Suche: Autocomplete
  • Suche: Search-as-you-type
  • VisualEditor: Buffering
  • VisualEditor: Improvements of parser

New Release: BlueSpice 1.20

Now you can download the new BlueSpice 1.20 (beta) Release on

But wait a second, 1.20?! It’s no mistake! We decided to match the BlueSpice version number with the MediaWiki version numbers. So users benefit from MediaWiki innovations.

BlueSpice version numbers
BlueSpice version numbers

From now on, BlueSpice versions will be named after the following rules: The number in the front refers to BlueSpice major releases. The number after the first point refers to the compatible MediaWiki version.  So is there a new MediaWiki version we will harmonize BlueSpice and this will be a new BlueSpice version number. Furthermore BlueSpice 1.20 is an exception because this will be the only BlueSpice version that is backwards compatible back to MediaWiki 1.17. After this version all BlueSpice versions are only compatible to the MediaWiki version you see in the version number (BlueSpice 1.21 will be compatible only to MediaWiki 1.21).

But now let’s get to the features in BlueSpice 1.20 (beta):

There are lots of helpful features. For example improved search features like autocomplete and search-as-you-type.  In many cases you will have found the article that you are looking for even before you have finished typing the search term. While typing, the wiki proposes search items.  This reduces search time and you will find relevant information more quickly.


Autocomplete und search-as-you-type
Autocomplete und search-as-you-type


Thanks to “InsertMagic” it’s possible to insert dynamic elements e.g. tags, magic words, templates… You don’t have to look for the piece of code in special pages. Just use the button in the editor tool bar and insert the required element.

Der InsertMagic Assistent ist über einen Button in der Editorleiste erreichbar

InsertMagic assistant

In this InsertMagic assistant you will also find the tag <bs:pageaccess groups=”” />. There you can add groups that should be allowed to view the page. So now it’s possible to assign rights for single pages.

The new search facets “limiting date ranges” to refine your search results we had to postpone to the next release. Also Extension Manager that helps you to activate oder deactivate extensions with one click, we had to postpone.

By the way, there are a lot of renewals. For example we installed a feedback  form to to address more effectively the wishes of users.

And maybe you discovered some new packages on And soon there will be an update at the BlueSpice Hompage. We want to rearrange the start page.

So download BlueSpice 1.20!
We wish you lots of fun! And you already know … Your feedback is welcome!

Download the BlueSpice Mobile App

Central topics in webdevelopment are cloud and mobile services. The BlueSpice team develops for both new attractions.

Today we reached a new milestone by publishig the first free mobile app für BlueSpice. Now you can view, edit and manage your BlueSpice MediaWiki enterprise distribution from your mobile device (Android or webOS).

Just download the app and install it on your mobile device.

With some reservations this app can be used for MediaWikis 1.15 or higher. But images are not available and the wiki needs an authentication.

We are happy about all ideas for the further develpoment in the project forum. Have a nice time!

Bugfix Release 1.1.1

Some inconvient bugs have been fixed by the BlueSpice developers in the last days. And so we decided to publish a new release of BlueSpice free: Download.

  • InsertCategory shows correct hierarchy
  • InsertFile / InsertLink double button problem solved
  • VisualEditor Word import without <span> and <div> tags
  • ExtendedSearch offers better results
  • UniversalExport / UEModulePDF some bugs (file names with special characters) solved

BlueSpice 1.1 stable released

After publishing BlueSpice 1.1 beta we are now offering BlueSpice free 1.1 stable. You can download the new edition at sourceforge (zip, 58.9 MB).
Thank you for your support and have fun with the new BlueSpice free!
Some release notes:

  • Improved performance: Work much faster with BlueSpice
  • New databases supported: PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Improved cache control (localisation cache, initial memcache support)
  • UniversalExport: New templating system for PDFs: choose between different designs for your PDF Export
  • Categories can be assigned in view mode: you don’t have to use edit mode
  • RSS-Feeds: Outlook support improved
  • ArticleInfo: information about subpages
  • ShoutBox: changes on the user interface
    Now you have more space to comment on an article. And your profil icon will be shown next to your comment.
  • VisualEditor: new TinyMCE version
  • New extensions: CountThings, HideTitle, NamespaceCSS, CSyntaxHighlight
  • ExtendedSearch: Updated to Solr3.5 to allow left wildcards: search for right parts of a word, like *image
  • InsertImage: Improved uploader. Images can be linked: you can link images with the insert and upload tool.
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