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MediaWiki Images – What you need to know about uploading and inserting images

Meta page of an image

Images and screenshots are an essential part of the content. The visualization of content supports the understanding and the motivation to spend time on the text. But how can I upload pictures in MediaWiki and how do I insert it in an article? I will show you three ways how to display the pictures in […]

BlueSpice [paste image] beta for Linux Magazine – Copy & Paste to insert images in a wiki article

Linux Magazine already tested BlueSpice in summer 2011. Their conclusion was that BlueSpice  is “well-flavored”, meaning BlueSpice is suitable to make a MediaWiki a business wiki. This Linux Magazine edition offers BlueSpice with a test version of the new package [paste image] for free. With  BlueSpice [paste image] it is possible to insert images from […]