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Popular packages for BlueSpice 2.23.x in the shop for self-installation

Next to some packages for the older version BlueSpice 2.22.x, you can now purchase our most popular packages for BlueSpice 2.23.x in the BlueSpice shop e.g.

  • Teamwork: modul for reviews, approvals and workflows in a BlueSpice Wiki. Very important for quality assurance and in combination with the Reminder package you will keep articles up-to-date.
  • Bookmaker: combine single articles to an online handbook with an automatically generated chapter navigation. Convert complete books, single chapters or pages into the PDF format and export it including all attached files from the articles, a cover and a clickable table of contents!
  • WikiExplorer: browse, sort and filter content according to specific criteria. This is how you identify necessary tasks to administer content in the wiki.
  • VisualDiff: compare article versions with colored highlighting in three different views. This is how you detect even smallest changes at first glance.
  • Reminder: keep articles up-to-date, because the package reminds you after a certain time period to check the content and to revise it.
  • PasteImage: insert and upload images by using Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste

Choose those functionalities you need and combine them to your business wiki.
Just purchase, dowload, install and get started – all by yourself!

BlueSpice [paste image] beta for Linux Magazine – Copy & Paste to insert images in a wiki article

BlueSpice [paste image] - to insert images via drag & drop
BlueSpice [paste image] – to insert images via drag & drop
Linux Magazine already tested BlueSpice in summer 2011. Their conclusion was that BlueSpice  is “well-flavored”, meaning BlueSpice is suitable to make a MediaWiki a business wiki. This Linux Magazine edition offers BlueSpice with a test version of the new package [paste image] for free. With  BlueSpice [paste image] it is possible to insert images from an explorer via drag & drop into a wiki article. Or you use copy and paste to insert an image from the clipboard into a wiki article.

In edition 1/2013 (published in December 2012) Linux Magazine contains a BlueSpice VM with a test version of the package [paste image] for free (normally charged). To work with BlueSpice [paste image] you need to have Java installed locally.

You want to know more about [paste image] have a look at the product page.

Here you can download BlueSpice free.