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Best practice: Developing products and services with a wiki

Pinakothek der Moderne
More orientation in the product management with wikis. Image: Pinakothek der Moderne, München 2004, by: Reinhard Jahn (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons.

A wiki is the central tool for sharing information about changing products and services centrally, efficiently and systematically. Are there best practises? We have compiled the most important questions.

When companies develop their services and products, there are many questions that need to be answered quickly and communicated to the relevant departments and teams:

  • What is included in the product?
  • How is the product calculated?
  • How does the product differ from competing products?
  • Is there a need to observe certain procedures and requirements at the time of delivery?
  • Where is there additional information about quality features or about similar products in the product range?
  • What are the experiences with this product and how should it be further developed?

Sales, development, project management and support depend on up-to-date information in order to carry out their tasks efficiently and efficiently. Continue Reading

BlueSpice available in up to 46 languages

BlueSpice is now available in up to 46 languages. So far BlueSpice is completely translated in French, German, Macedonian and 90% done in Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Ukrainian. More than half of the BlueSpice messages are translated in Swedish, Luxembourgish and Portuguese. A very big „Thank you“ to all the members of „“ who did a really great job on this! We are really happy and thankful for your commitment! Keep on going!

Here you can have a look on the BlueSpice translate statistics. logoTranslate wiki is a translate platform for MediaWiki and they create localizations for software. So a registred member can help to translate a software into his language. Right now there are more than 6000 translators who help to improve the internationalisation of messages and features. If not all messages are translated there is a fallback to the English language.

If you are interested to join this great translate community have a look at their FAQ.

P.S.: We will deliver the updated status of translations in the next release- yeah! 🙂