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BlueSpice and MediaWiki templates for content boxes

With this wiki box set, it is possible to achieve more structure and overview in a wiki article. You can highlight content and distinguish it from the surrounding text. These boxes are a great support to improve the quality of an article and to add some design to the articles to make it more appealing […]

MediaWiki tutorial – Where can I find helpful information?

www.wikimatrix.org: Comparing wiki software The comparison of BlueSpice, DokuWiki and MediaWiki on wikimatrix.org If you would like compare MediaWiki with other wikis, you can look at the masks at wikimatrix.org. You can find innumerable small wikis and also the larger, more well known ones. Both open source and proprietary wikis are listed. As well as […]

PDF Export for MediaWiki

There are lots of possibilities for exporting MediaWiki articles as PDF documents. Some further developments I want to outline here: Wiki as the central source of knowledge There are many good reasons for supplying a Wiki with a PDF export facility: Extracts, logs, check lists or short descriptions may be needed on paper or may […]

MediaWiki vs. Confluence? Not a question of features

To show how MediaWiki really is a solution for business, I have collected together the most common objections to MediaWiki and I comment on them below.

Install MediaWiki – Step by step instructions

In this article I want to answer the most frequently asked questions relating to installing MediaWiki. But first, a question in return: what is the purpose of the wiki? Is it just a test installation or is it to be used productively? Installing a local test system For testing, I recommend installing MediaWiki locally on […]

MediaWiki Skins – A visual feast

The structure and design of most wikis looks like Wikipedia, which is now over ten years old. It does not have to be like this. If you want to give your wiki a different look, you need to use a different skin. Changing the appearance of a MediaWiki (and also BlueSpice) installation also changes how […]

BlueSpice mobile – Use MediaWiki on your mobile device

Right now we check our new app for MediaWiki distribution BlueSpice. The first sneak preview is available now.         View, edit and manage your BlueSpice MediaWiki enterprise distribution from your mobile device. BlueSpice mobile will support Android, iOS, Blackberry, WindowsPhone, WebOS and Symbian operating systems. BlueSpice Mobile will start in March. Another […]

BlueSpice Extension selbst schreiben: CSyntaxHighlight

Als Open Source Produkt profitiert das Firmenwiki “BlueSpice for MediaWiki” von engagierten Entwicklern. Damit Sie selbst eine BlueSpice Extension schreiben können, beschreibt Ihnen unser unser Softwareentwickler Robert Vogel in den nächsten Wochen wie BlueSpice aufgebaut ist und was es bei der Extensionentwicklung zu beachten gilt. Themen sind unter anderem: 1. Anatomie einer “BlueSpice for MediaWiki” […]

Featurelist: BlueSpice (basic)

Das Softwarepaket BlueSpice for MediaWiki erweitert die leistungsstarke Software der Wikipedia zum professionellen Firmenwiki. Sie erhalten eine durchdachte Software-Lösung, die aus den Ansprüchen der Praxis entstanden ist. Einige der Erweiterungen wurden von MediaWiki übernommen, andere wurden von den BlueSpice Entwicklern selbst programmiert. So ehalten Sie eine Auswahl von geprüften, funktionsfähigen und nützlichen Features, die für […]