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MediaWiki tutorial – Where can I find helpful information? Comparing wiki software

Vergleich von BlueSpice, Confluence und MediaWiki
Comparison of BlueSpice, Confluence and MediaWiki

If you would like compare MediaWiki with other wikis, you can look at the masks at
You can find innumerable small wikis and also the larger, more well known ones. Both open source and proprietary wikis are listed.
As well as the features of the wiki one also has suggestions for service providers which offer support for the system. A list of other wiki systems comparable to that chosen are also displayed. As far as features go, it should be said that only the standard functions of the software are considered. If a system can do more than this is not displayed on Wikimatrix. All about MediaWiki

This is the central page for all questions about the software. The site is in English and many articles are translated into other languages too. A quick tip: start by clicking on “your language” in the box at the bottom. organises the information about the software MediaWiki into three areas:

  • Users: How do I use a MediaWiki? How do I write something in it?
  • Administration: How do I install MediaWiki? Which extensions are there? How can I adapt the system further?
  • Developers: Developers handbook and further help assistance

Once can find a user handbook and a technical handbook here too. Of course, there is a MediaWiki hand book in the Wikibooks project.

Wikipedia’s help page: Help on working in and with MediaWiki

As Wikipedia is the biggest and most famous project in the world, it has innumerable help pages available. Many users look here first as the articles are very well written. And also because can be too technical or simply too “English”.

However: MediaWiki is the software on which Wikipedia is based, not Wikipedia itself. People often ask us: I have seen this in Wikipedia, where is that in my MediaWiki? The answer is: Wikipedia uses a specially adapted form of MediaWiki with specific extensions, integrated templates and configurations, which do not come automatically with the standard software. For this reason there may be differences.

The help pages from Wikipedia give an overview of all sorts of different topics. The pages are organised under “Help:”, which is called a namespace. This means that everything which has something to do with the topic “help” is found in this “space”.

  • Help on editing: How do I add a new page? How do I format the text? How do I add pictures? and much much more.
  • Using templates: Text blocks like info boxes to copy and paste and further tips.
  • Guidelines for good articles and basic principles – really worth reading.
  • Explanation of the software’s features, like for example namespaces.

Anyone who is fairly new should definitely start by clicking on the links you can find there. This takes you to the relevant portal where you can find many more important links to take you further.

YouTube: Screencasts for differing themes (the good ones are generally in English)

This introductory video is very good: What is MediaWiki?

On you tube you can find some introductory videos. However, these are often about installation. Like this one for example:

There are also some videos about working in MediaWiki – for example creating and editing with templates. There are many tutorials on various themes in English; for example the youtube user “Kristinpedia” has posted many.

Help for BlueSpice for MediaWiki

And last but not least, advice on BlueSpice for MediaWiki. As this distribution is set up on MediaWiki, all MediaWiki help is also valid for BlueSpice. If one has BlueSpice installed, one can see some changes which affect how the wiki handles. A great deal is simplified, for example uploading and inserting images. You can find your first help desk for BlueSpice at As far as the free support for BlueSpice is concerned, we are still very much at the start. Thus for all who want to spread their knowledge: Join in and make articles, videos, screencasts and so on about working with BlueSpice.

Helpdesk von BlueSpice ist fertig!

Wer es noch nicht gefunden hat: das Helpdesk befindet sich auf

Dort finden Sie viele Hilfebeschreibungen wie zum Beispiel:

  • Grundlegendes: Artikel anlegen, Formatierungen, Tabellen, PDF-Export …
  • In BlueSpice effektiv arbeiten: Kategorien vergeben, Artikel beobachten, RSS-Feed abonnieren, Workflow anwenden u.v.m.
  • Administrationshandbuch: Seitenvorlagen, Gruppenmanager, Namespacemanager, Live-Betrieb u.a

Aber auch die Installationsanleitungen und eine Featureliste finden Sie dort. Wir haben das Helpdesk außerdem um FAQ’s erweitert, um Ihnen das Auffinden von Antworten auf gängige Fragen zu erleichtern.

Auch was die Weiterentwicklung von BlueSpice angeht, so können Sie aktuelle Entwicklungen nachverfolgen und uns  darin unterstützen.  Auf dem Helpdesk finden Sie Links zu Bugtracker und Feature Request auf Tragen Sie bitte Ihre Fehlermeldungen und Wünsche dort ein.