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Many new features: The BlueSpice Demo has been completely updated

To all the curious people, who like trying new things: the BlueSpice Demo has been completely updated.

With regard to the needs of our customers we updated the BlueSpice Demo and improved its shape. We really got going and improved the Demo version significantly. It was subject to a substantial revision.

The new BlueSpice Demo is online.
The new BlueSpice Demo is online.

Practical applications

Due to lots of new contents and a developed structure, we put the focus on the most important applications of the software: Knowledge and Quality Management. With the new navigation these topics are found immediately and new users can see the usefulness and the practical effects of the BlueSpice software from the beginning on.

If you don’t want to miss illustrative flow charts or process maps within your Wiki, try the new Demo version. It shows perfectly what the BlueSpice pro software for MediaWiki is able to do.

Using Semantics

New features and a lot of additional semantic information provide the user a variety of options for different queries. There is for example a query, which gives you a list of documents for Quality Management. These documents can be used to accelerate processes, improve workflow and guarantee a high quality of work.

A variety of queries can simplify your work, for example for Quality Management.
A variety of queries can simplify your work, for example for Quality Management.

New BlueSpice function Flowchart Maker

The new BlueSpice Demo offers plenty of functions. Expand your articles by using graphics and videos, insert complex mathematical formula and add interactive elements like checklists or drop-down menus. From now on, you can also create and edit complex flow charts.

With the new Flowchart Maker, you have various possibilities of displaying processes or something similar. You might want to try this application with our example of the relocation of an IT employee.

The new flowchart maker offers various possibilities of displaying processes.
The new flowchart maker offers various possibilities of displaying processes.

Try it and see for yourself!

The new version of the BlueSpice Demo can be found here.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

BlueSpice demo reloaded – use cases and features in a new look

We keep the wiki evolution goin on! Not only by developing more extensions and functionalities, but also by making it easier for everyone to work with the wiki. The first step to encounter the BlueSpice wiki is to test it in our demo.  And this is where we started our redesign!

BlueSpice proudly presents

The new demo is already published in German language and comes with new features, use cases and short introductions how to use it.
The main page welcomes you to the demo and gives you a short overview of what you can try and where to find the pages and tools you need. With the overworked demo you won´t be lost in space at any time. Check out the new features – they´re all provided with introduction pages, which teaches you how to use the feature and leads you to the appropriate page in the wiki. We also prepared some use cases. Those are application examples show you how the BlueSpice features can be used for your company tasks. Of course, they are also provided with introduction pages to try it out for yourself.


The nice side effect of our redesign: The demo looks pretty good now!

BlueSpice demo
BlueSpice demo

Visit the BlueSpice demo to get an idea of it. Keep your eyes open – more features and use cases will follow soon, as well as an English demo!

BlueSpice Demo ist online

Endlich ist es soweit: Das Demo von BlueSpice for MediaWiki ist online, und damit offiziell verfügbar.
Rechts im BlueSpice-Blog finden Sie den Button, der Sie zur Startseite führt.
Oder Sie gehen auf:

Im Demo finden Sie einige Beispiele, wie der Inhalt von spezifischen Anwendungen in einem Wiki aussehen kann. Wie etwa ein Glossar oder eine Prozessbeschreibung, aber auch eine Beschreibung einer technischen Dokumentation finden Sie dort. Ein weiteres Anwendungsgebiet für Wikis sind Handbücher. Im BlueSpice Demo können Sie sich durch den Maßnahmenkatalog eines Notfallhandbuches klicken.
Schauen Sie doch einfach mal selbst rein und probieren Sie die Funktionen von BlueSpice aus. Sie können sich als Testuser mit Adminrechten so einen Eindruck verschaffen wie BlueSpice aussieht, wie Sie damit arbeiten und welche Funktionen dahinter stecken.
In der linken Navigationsleiste finden Sie die allgemeine Navigation, den Fokus, eine Navigationshilfe, die den jeweiligen Nutzer betrifft und individuell einstellbar ist, sowie den Adminbereich.

Testen Sie doch z.B. den WYSIWYG-Editor, fügen Sie Bilder und Tabellen ein, kommentieren Sie einen Artikel über die Shoutbox, nehmen Sie die Adminfunktionen genauer unter die Lupe oder durchstöbern Sie die Spezialseiten, um sich einen Überblick zu verschaffen. Die Suche ist übrigens auch eine genauere Betrachtung wert.