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A Wiki for the Amazon Web Services – Launch BlueSpice in the Amazon Cloud now

AWS-Cloud-mit-BlueSpice200pxAmazon Web Services also offers the wiki engine BlueSpice now. Our American partner Orbitera provides BlueSpice in the free version in the Amazon Cloud. This means that you start your wiki with just a few clicks in the AWS Marketplace.

BlueSpice in the Marketplace of the Amazon Web Services

1. Call up the BlueSpice page in the Marketplace and – if you don´t have one already – create an account

2. Enter your contact information (please also read the customer agreement, which is linked there)

3. Choose between “OneClick-Launch” and “Manual Launch” and the appropriate entries (instance, server area etc.). Then accept the terms and conditions and start the system with the Launch button


4. You will receive a confirmation in the system and and a confirmation mail with further information. To login to the wiki, use „WikiSysop“ as user and your „Instance ID“ as password

5. There you go (user and admin manuel for BlueSpice can be found in our BlueSpice Helpdesk)

BlueSpice is – as usual – not restricted in the number of users and you get the full range of functionality of  the free version.

The advantage of the Amazon Cloud

The costs are low, because it will be charged per hour, e.g. the full usage with the smallest instance and the server location in Frankfurt/Germany costs only 18,25 Dollar per month. All about the instances and which one fits best for your demands can be read here. With AWS you are free to choose the server location – nine are currently available worldwide, two of them in the EU and one of those in Frankfurt / Germany. The pricing for the AWS usage depends inter alia on the server location.

If you don´t know BlueSpice, you can also test it in a 30 days free trial. You don´t have to pay for BlueSpice in this period of time, but the costs for the AWS usage will be charged anyway (from 9,36 $ for 30 days). Furthermore, AWS offers a free tier. Please pay attention to the offer terms.

By the way, we recommend BlueSpice in the Amazon Cloud especially for start-ups and small businesses. Those will not be bothered with administrational tasks and the system is scalable for the possibly growing requirements. Moreover, the Amazon Web Services offer a special start-up program you can take a look at.

If you need support for booking please contact the Amazon Web Services or Orbitera.

Background information about the Amazon Web Services

Cloud wiki: 15 minutes to get the BlueSpice corporate wiki in the Fujitsu Cloud Store

Fujitsu Cloud Store extends its range of collaboration software with a business wiki.

BlueSpice is the wikipedia for your company. Product information, work processes, project experiences or technical documentations –the corporate wiki BlueSpice is the central base for all knowledge of products, services and processes you need to know.

In cooperation with Hallo Welt! – Medienwerkstatt, Fujitsu Technology Solutions prepared an offer for a wiki in the cloud that is attractive especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The BlueSpice basic package can be purchased for 3,50€ per day and without limitation of users. To extend the functionality of the wiki, further modules can be added at any time.

Hallo Welt! offers additional services: e.g. data of existing MediaWikis can be migrated to a BlueSpice wiki. The company also provides support, trainings and consulting for customers. Registered Fujitsu Cloud Store users have the possibility to test the wiki software in a 30 days free trial.

Just 4 steps to start your wiki!

Step 1 – Register: register in the Fujitsu Cloud Store. To switch language, go to tab “Willkommen” – here you will find “English” on the top of the page. Visit the BlueSpice page in the Fujitsu Cloud Store. Click „Get it now“.

Step 2 – Configure: in the „Price model” tab you will find the “terms and conditions”. Fill in all the parameters in the booking form („Configuration“ tab) according to your needs.

  • Choose a reference number and type it in if you need it on your billings
  • Choose a name for your subdomain “https://[SUBDOMAIN]” for example “”
  • Specify a name for your wiki, e.g. “examplepedia”, in the second line
  • The third line is for your personal e-mail address
  • Choose a language (German or English are available)
  • Specify a password for your main administrator “WikiSysop”. Please note this password on a slip of paper. You will need it later to enter the wiki.
  • Select additional feature packages, storage extensions and/or activate SSL

Step 3 – Billing: Specify your billing address and the payment method

Step 4 – Confirm and start: Please check your parameters and take your time to read the terms and conditions. After this please confirm that you read the document. Now you will receive an e-mail that contains a confirmation of your booking. Type your choosen subdomain into the address field of your browser (“”) to start your wiki.

Please log-in as „WikiSysop“ with your chosen password.
Now you´re ready to start!

At the main page of the wiki you will find a link to the BlueSpice helpdesk. Here you can get to know the first steps as an author or administrator. Hallo Welt! services are linked as well, if you need additional help or trainings.
If you like BlueSpice, we would appreciate it if you become our fan on Facebook or Google+.
Here, as well as on Twitter and Youtube, we keep you up to date about the further development of BlueSpice.