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BlueSpice demo reloaded – use cases and features in a new look

We keep the wiki evolution goin on! Not only by developing more extensions and functionalities, but also by making it easier for everyone to work with the wiki. The first step to encounter the BlueSpice wiki is to test it in our demo.  And this is where we started our redesign!

BlueSpice proudly presents

The new demo is already published in German language and comes with new features, use cases and short introductions how to use it.
The main page welcomes you to the demo and gives you a short overview of what you can try and where to find the pages and tools you need. With the overworked demo you won´t be lost in space at any time. Check out the new features – they´re all provided with introduction pages, which teaches you how to use the feature and leads you to the appropriate page in the wiki. We also prepared some use cases. Those are application examples show you how the BlueSpice features can be used for your company tasks. Of course, they are also provided with introduction pages to try it out for yourself.


The nice side effect of our redesign: The demo looks pretty good now!

BlueSpice demo
BlueSpice demo

Visit the BlueSpice demo to get an idea of it. Keep your eyes open – more features and use cases will follow soon, as well as an English demo!

Download BlueSpice 1.21.0 Minor Release

Date: 2013-06-12 This is a minor release (rev 9693).

  • Added support for MediaWiki 1.21
  • Improved MediaWiki Skin support
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Changes since BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20

BlueSpice Framework (Core/Adapter)

  • Supported MediaWiki verions are 1.19-1.21
  • Validator: Implemented workaround for PHP bug ( – This affects PHP 5.3.2 (eg. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
  • Fixed restriction on specialpages
  • Fixed error when BsMailer::send() was called with just a e-mail address string
  • Removed BsHTmlTidy class
  • Removed Minifier
  • Added i18n for TagErrorList
  • TagFinder: Fixed bug with non-well-formed XML
  • Removed “BlueSpiceFramework.js” from resourceloader module to avoid double loading.
  • Added option for preferences => NO_DEFAULT (usersettings-only options can be marked with it)
  • Added HTMLFormField to provide the possibility, to render images in Preferences
  • Fixed PageContentProvider that caused an “oldid” parameter not to be evaluated
  • Fixed output of URLs in anchor tags

Detailed ChangeLog you will find on our BlueSpice helpdesk.

Starting download BlueSpice 1.21.0 from

BlueSpice 1.20.1 (patch release) ready for download

Release date: 2013-01-17 This is a minor release (rev 8207).

Main Changes:

  • Install check: Updated installcheck.php
  • Search: Layout improved
  • Search: „search all namespaces“ is now working
  • Search: new Office formats are going to be indexed
  • InsertLink: Selected WikiText shows up in description field (instead of page link field)
  • MailChanges: Fixed MWException in newer MediaWiki versions
  • VisualEditor: Can be deactivated vor single namespaces
  • Skin: Improvements concerning skin, red links, section editing and in the Gallery-Tag.

Detailed changelog you will find on our BlueSpice helpdesk.
Starting download BlueSpice 1.20.1 from

BlueSpice in the Russian Wikipedia – maybe soon in other languages, too?

BlueSpice is mentioned in the Russian “MediaWiki” article. In the German Wikipedia, there is a seperate article about BlueSpice for MediaWiki. And last but not least, in the English Wikipedia there is a list of wiki software. Here you will find an entry about BlueSpice, but there is no content in the article itself. Maybe you help to improve or create a neutral article about BlueSpice for MediaWiki in your Wikipedia?

You don’t knwo how to edit in Wikipedia properly? Have a look at the introduction.

Tambien es possible escribir in Wikipedia España. Los primeros pasos


BlueSpice [paste image] beta for Linux Magazine – Copy & Paste to insert images in a wiki article

BlueSpice [paste image] - to insert images via drag & drop
BlueSpice [paste image] – to insert images via drag & drop
Linux Magazine already tested BlueSpice in summer 2011. Their conclusion was that BlueSpice  is “well-flavored”, meaning BlueSpice is suitable to make a MediaWiki a business wiki. This Linux Magazine edition offers BlueSpice with a test version of the new package [paste image] for free. With  BlueSpice [paste image] it is possible to insert images from an explorer via drag & drop into a wiki article. Or you use copy and paste to insert an image from the clipboard into a wiki article.

In edition 1/2013 (published in December 2012) Linux Magazine contains a BlueSpice VM with a test version of the package [paste image] for free (normally charged). To work with BlueSpice [paste image] you need to have Java installed locally.

You want to know more about [paste image] have a look at the product page.

Here you can download BlueSpice free.

MediaWiki vs. Confluence? Not a question of features

When businesses want to make use of professional wiki software, they come quickly to the question of whether they should choose MediaWiki or Confluence. Confluence is a wiki specially developed for the needs of businesses. The concept for MediaWiki is, on the other hand, for the huge online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Having more than 750,000 downloads per year, MediaWiki has a decisive lead as the standard wiki software, in business too.

Fans of Confluence used to complain that MediaWiki was not really suitable for businesses. And one can find serious comparative studies which completely ignore the possibility to extend and adapt MediaWiki. However, the extendibility and adaptability of MediaWiki is an essential feature of the software. The project page alone lists more than 1,800 extensions.
And, since the publication of BlueSpice, there is a completely free enterprise distribution for commercial users, which can be extended to suit individual needs via modules.

To show how MediaWiki really is a solution for business, I have collected together the most common objections to MediaWiki and I comment on them below. Continue Reading

Roadmap BlueSpice 1.2

Finding, editing, design, safety, following, maintenance – there are lots of improvements for BlueSpice 1.2. For example: reduce search time and find relevant information more quickly with autocomplete and Search-as-You-Type. Also there are improvements on editing feature like safe your edits without leaving the „edit“ mode. So you won’t have no more interruptions.
Have a look at some of the main changes in BlueSpice 1.2 and also three new upcoming packages. More Details

Update 25.10.2012: BlueSpice 1.20 (beta) is now awailable. Why we changed the release version number and more, we explained here.

BlueSpice for MediaWiki as CMS – use case of EXTREME technologies

XTREME Technologies is using BlueSpice for technical documentation. The Wiki has been established to support processes and collaboration between technical editors, service engineers and developers. Knowledge in the case of XTREMEtech is an asset that needs to be revised and spread among workers. Anja Weinert and Martin E. Brüggemann describe the lessons learnt on their journey towards a wiki-based content management system (CMS).

If you want to learn more about this XTREME Technologies use case, please contact Hallo Welt! GmbH.
(Phone +49 941 – 660 800)

Bugfix Release 1.1.1

Some inconvient bugs have been fixed by the BlueSpice developers in the last days. And so we decided to publish a new release of BlueSpice free: Download.

  • InsertCategory shows correct hierarchy
  • InsertFile / InsertLink double button problem solved
  • VisualEditor Word import without <span> and <div> tags
  • ExtendedSearch offers better results
  • UniversalExport / UEModulePDF some bugs (file names with special characters) solved