We think MediaWiki is the best Wiki software in the world. This is not only because MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, the largest knowledge portal in the world. Even more importantly, MediaWiki provides the robustness, scalability and professional environment to power even the most complex knowledge management infrastructure. Consequently, an increasing number of companies have started to roll out MediaWiki as the backbone for their future competitiveness in a knowledge-intense economy.

MediaWiki has been written with the purpose to power Wikipedia – it has been written by developers and for developers. However, MediaWiki in its current form has not been designed to suit the needs of corporations. Consequently, there is a strong demand for a business distribution that turns MediaWiki into a professional, easy-to-use and easy-to-administer tool for companies of all sizes.

The BlueSpice project has turned MediaWiki into the professional Wiki tool that companies have been looking for. BlueSpice makes MediaWiki easier to use, easier to administer and easier to incorporate with the corporate systems landscape. Our aim is to promote the use of MediaWiki in the business world, using BlueSpice as the package that makes it more attractive than ever for companies to use MediaWiki.

This is part of the reason why we are giving BlueSpice away as free and open source software. We are happy to provide installation services, technical support, training and maintenance for our valued users.

BlueSpice is continuously extended in terms of functionality, usability and interoperability. Have a look at the BlueSpice product page for more information.

This is the BlueSpice project blog.