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BlueSpice 2.23 – a minor release with many changes

Context menu for internal links

The BlueSpice minor release 2.23 contains much more than one would expect. Dialogues are much faster and the individual design of the skin can be implemented much better. This works, because the skin of the wiki has been has been rearranged. We also worked on the performance, e.g. we added the general caching support for […]

BlueSpice 2.22.2 released – Bugfixes and Compatibility to Internet Explorer 9/10

BlueSpice 2.22.2  is a patch and maintenance release. We focused on general stability, bugfixing (especially in the visual editor) and worked on the compatibility to Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Download BlueSpice 2.22.2 on sourceforge See release notes in the BlueSpice Helpdesk Your feedback is always welcome! Please report bugs at sourceforge and we are […]

Patch Release BlueSpice 2.22.1 ready for download

Now you can download the BlueSpice (for MediaWiki) patch release 2.22.1 on Main goal was bugfixing. But we also worked a lot on the visual editor and the browser compatibility of IE 8+. On our helpdesk you will find a detailed changelog. For installation please use installation manual of BlueSpice 2.22.0

Stable Release: BlueSpice 2.22.0 – go get it now!

Now you can download the long awaited BlueSpice Version 2 on! Download on Sourceforge Release Notes and Installation Manual in the Helpdesk The 10 most important changes – blog article (german) New Features Avatars: Show autogenerated images for users. Checklist: Provides Checklist functionality Dashboard: A lot of relevant information at a glance Flexiskin: Skin […]

BlueSpice 2.22.0 (beta) is ready for testing!

BlueSpice2.22.0 (beta) is online! Go for the new version at But bear in mind that this is a test version and not suitable for a live system. So feel free to test it – your feedback is welcome at UPDATE: If you tested BlueSpice 2.22.0 (beta) please post your feedback till sunday (3rd […]

BlueSpice 2: The new version coming up later this year!

We started with BlueSpice three years ago in October 2010. Since then, we have gradually expanded and improved the software. In the fall of 2013, we are taking the plunge and publishing a completely revised version. The new version of BlueSpice builds on the experience we have amassed working with public company wikis and user […]

Download BlueSpice 1.21.0 Minor Release

Download Date: 2013-06-12 This is a minor release (rev 9693). Added support for MediaWiki 1.21 Improved MediaWiki Skin support Fixed a lot of bugs Changes since BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20 BlueSpice Framework (Core/Adapter) Supported MediaWiki verions are 1.19-1.21 Validator: Implemented workaround for PHP bug ( – This affects PHP 5.3.2 (eg. […]

BlueSpice 1.20.1 (patch release) ready for download

Release date: 2013-01-17 This is a minor release (rev 8207). Main Changes: Install check: Updated installcheck.php Search: Layout improved Search: „search all namespaces“ is now working Search: new Office formats are going to be indexed InsertLink: Selected WikiText shows up in description field (instead of page link field) MailChanges: Fixed MWException in newer MediaWiki versions […]

Download BlueSpice 1.20.0 (STABLE)

There is now a stable release: BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20 Date: 2012-12-21 This is a major release (rev 7909). Download Changelog Installation manual Some improvements: ArticleInfo: Change order of informations Distribution: Tagcloud Distribution: Calendar FeedbackHelper: Feedback to the BlueSpic-Team Framework: Internationalization of MediaWiki Framework: Support for MW 1.17 to 1.21wmf InsertFile: […]

New Release: BlueSpice 1.20

Now you can download the new BlueSpice 1.20 (beta) Release on But wait a second, 1.20?! It’s no mistake! We decided to match the BlueSpice version number with the MediaWiki version numbers. So users benefit from MediaWiki innovations. From now on, BlueSpice versions will be named after the following rules: The number in the […]