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MediaWiki Images – What you need to know about uploading and inserting images

Meta page of an image

Images and screenshots are an essential part of the content. The visualization of content supports the understanding and the motivation to spend time on the text. But how can I upload pictures in MediaWiki and how do I insert it in an article? I will show you three ways how to display the pictures in […]

Advent calendar 24: Create a category cloud

The CategoryTree is a nice feature to list all categories and to give your users an overview of the topics in your wiki.  But if you are using BlueSpice, it also provides a tag cloud for categories, which looks more fancy and can be configured and designed like the minimum font size, the increase factor, […]

Advent calendar 23: Provide a dynamic view of the wiki’s category structure as a category tree

  In BlueSpice and MediaWiki you can display the category system as a category tree. With the category tree, the user gets an insight into the structure and the yet available categories and articles. To insert a category tree into any wiki page please use the categorytree-tag and one of the existing categories from which the category […]

Advent calender 22: Upload a new version of a file

If you click on an image, which is uploaded and linked in your wiki – you will be redirected to the meta page of this file. Here you can discover a lot e.g. size of the image meta information of the image you can see on which pages the image is used and it is […]

Advent calendar 21: Mass deletion of articles

  Not only Wiki gardeners of public wikis need to clean-up their content. Also wiki gardeners of company-internal wikis should do a regularly maintenance work. For example when users create a lot of test pages, because they don’t know that there is a sandbox. To delete one page after another is very laborious – therefore you can […]

Advent calendar 20: Use the ISBN in your articles

Some companies also use the wiki for the educational training of their employees. In addition to the advices in the article, it is helpful to list further literature there. The ISBN search of the wiki supports the interested user with the functionality to automatically link to the book in a bookstore you choose. You only […]

Advent calendar 19: Multi-upload for images

The standard feature for uploading images in the wiki is only for single uploads. But this is very laborious, if you need lots of pictures, which should be available in the wiki.  A small and free program solves this problem and helps for this task with an multiple upload feature – the “Commonist”. The tool […]

Advent calendar 17: Moving the table of contents

In MediaWiki and BlueSpice the table of contents will be shown at the very beginning of an article, when there are more than three headings. If you want to place it somewhere else, choose a position in the text and insert __TOC__ to display it right there. The same command will also force to display […]

Advent calendar 8: Get the latest news from your wiki with the RSS export

If you want to stay informed about what´s going on in the wiki, you can use the RSS feeder of it to get the updates. Got to the special page “Special:RSS_Feeder” and subscribe to the information you want, like e.g. recent changes, namespaces, blog and much more. Choose the news and receive it in your […]

Advent calendar 5: Hide the table of content

If there are more than two headings, the wiki will automatically show a table of content at the beginning of an article.  You don’t want the system to display this index? Then put __NOTOC__ at the beginning or end of the article in the wiki code and there won’t be a table of content anymore.