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Advent calendar 10: Create your own navigation with the “Focus”

In addition to the main navigation on the left, every user can have an own individual navigation too. It is called the “Focus” and you can link your favorite pages or add useful tools there. To configure this personal navigation call up the page “User:USERNAME/Sidebar” to edit the focus. Link your most important wiki pages […]

Advent calendar 1: Editing the Widget Bar

The widget bar in BlueSpice is not invariable. It is a menu, which can be adjusted individually from every user to make it fit his personal needs. This is how you can do it: Call up the page “User:USERNAME/Widgetbar” to define your individual menu. Go to the edit mode of the page and add links […]

MediaWiki WYSIWYG Editor – a close look on visual editors

Inserting tables in BlueSpice

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get): The visual editor enables writing and formatting in your wiki without the use of wiki mark-up characters. You can often see the phrase “write just like in Word” in marketing texts even though, to be honest, this often gives the user false expectations. One should always keep […]

BlueSpice available in up to 46 languages

BlueSpice is now available in up to 46 languages. So far BlueSpice is completely translated in French, German, Macedonian and 90% done in Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Ukrainian. More than half of the BlueSpice messages are translated in Swedish, Luxembourgish and Portuguese. A very big „Thank you“ to all the members of „“ who did […]

The BlueSpice Shop is back

It looks a little bit different because we changed the shop software. Compared to Prestashop this software is more stable, more safe and even updates are no problem anymore. After initial difficulties we are now happy „shoppers“ again and this means for you: you can now pay per Paypal and soon there will be further […]

Creating online documentation with BlueSpice for MediaWiki – tips and hints

Creating online documentation with BlueSpice for MediaWiki – tips and hints

Documentation with wiki engines isn’t an innovation anymore, you will find a lot if you look out for them. Especially software developers themselves seem to have a pioneering role in that segment. A lot of those documentation platforms take advantage of the collaborative character of a wiki and let the community be involve in the […]

The BlueSpice web shop – extensions, themes and modules for enterprise MediaWikis

The BlueSpice Shop

Today we published the new BlueSpice web shop. Now modules and solutions in strong demand are also affordable for small budgets. In the shop you will find extensions for ratings, adverts and more. And this is how it works: in the webshop the customer only gets the software included an installation manual and one hour […]

BlueSpice docu ranks among the leading software

In the compendium of the best only the most innovative and powerful products of the German-speaking industry are listed. BlueSpice docu was ranked at this “List of the Best” by a jury of experts from 30 professors and journalists. So not only our customers but also an jury of experts places BlueSpice docu among the […]

Short presentation of BlueSpice docu – The Online Manual Solution for Production, Service and IT

To get an insight into the BlueSpice solution for documentation and handbooks have a look at this presentation. Soon we will publish an article on how to do documentation with BlueSpice.   BlueSpice docu. The Online Manual Solution for Production, Service and IT from BlueSpice for MediaWiki

BlueSpice, MediaWiki and the outlook for libre knowledge

BlueSpice for MediaWiki is a commercial project. The plan to develop an enterprise distribution for MediaWiki was driven by the aim of making a profit and creating jobs. Nevertheless, it is time to say a few words about other aspects of the BlueSpice project. For BlueSpice is also a project that should push along the […]