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Advent calendar 15: Create and provide page templates

Page templates easen the process of creating new articles in the wiki, because they provide a pattern for the content. Users get a clue of what information is needed here and what is missing. The templates also cause a more homogeneous structure for articles of the same content area. Here´s a description how to create […]

Advent calendar 14: Describing code syntax in the wiki

A wiki is a place for documentation in general, but sometimes it is also used to describe how to use the wiki itself. For this reason – and also for other computer code-related descriptions – you will need to display code snippets to explain how something works. But how to do this without getting an […]

Advent calendar 13: Hiding the StateBar

Sometimes information in the StateBar isn´t necessary or even not wanted, for example at the main page or portal pages. Here you can hide the statebar by using this behaviour switch __NOSTATEBAR__. Enter the edit mode and change to the wikicode mode. Now insert __NOSTATEBAR__ at the end or at the beginning of the page […]

Advent calendar 12: Count characters, articles and users

You want to display some information about the number of articles, characters of an article or users of the wiki? You don´t need to look for this data or count it manually. BlueSpice provides the functionality to display this automatically generated information wherever you insert special kind of tags. Just place the following commands in […]

Advent calendar 11: Style changes in MediaWiki and BlueSpice

  If you are a specialist in CSS, you can change the look and feel of the Wiki. And you don´t need to change the code file to do so, thanks to the “MediaWiki:Common.css”. On this page in the wiki, you can configure the style like font size, color, spacing, images and more. For example, […]

Advent calendar 10: Create your own navigation with the “Focus”

In addition to the main navigation on the left, every user can have an own individual navigation too. It is called the “Focus” and you can link your favorite pages or add useful tools there. To configure this personal navigation call up the page “User:USERNAME/Sidebar” to edit the focus. Link your most important wiki pages […]

Advent calendar 9: Use the spell checker in BlueSpice

The functionality to use the spell checker of your browser, is already included in BlueSpice free. What you need is to install the appropriate dictionary for the language you want in your browser. Those are available as addons. After you installed the dictionaries, you only need to activate the spell checker in the editing mode […]

Advent calendar 8: Get the latest news from your wiki with the RSS export

If you want to stay informed about what´s going on in the wiki, you can use the RSS feeder of it to get the updates. Got to the special page “Special:RSS_Feeder” and subscribe to the information you want, like e.g. recent changes, namespaces, blog and much more. Choose the news and receive it in your […]

Advent calendar 7: Activate the WYSIWYG as default

Did you know that in the user settings every user is able to activate the visual editor by default? So if you are a „WYSIWYG-worker“ you should enable the setting „visual editor“ in your user preferences in the BlueSpice tab. Everytime you enter the edit mode of an article, the visual editor will show up first. […]

Advent calendar 6: Changing the links in the TopBarMenu

In BlueSpice you have a second navigation at the top of the page. This area is named TopBarMenu. Wiki and blog are set and linked by default but as an administrator you can set different internal or external links. It is also possible to structure links as a dropdown. Open the page „MediaWiki:TopBarMenu“ and enter […]