BlueSpice 3.0.1 Release

BlueSpice 3.0.1 – our patch release with many exciting improvements

After the release of the long-awaited BlueSpice version 3.0 at the end of 2018, we are pleased to announce significant improvements of our enterprise wiki software with our first patch release.

In this article we give you a quick overview of the new features you can expect:


1. Changing between the editors

Editors can now switch between visual editing and text editing without having to (temporarily) save. This is very useful if you want to review wikitext or add additional features that are only available in wikitext.

2. Privacy center: data protection and GDPR

From now on wiki users will have improved control over their personal data stored in BlueSpice. Users can not only request anonymization and deletion of the account, but also retrieve all data stored about them. In addition, the management of approvals for cookies and data protection guidelines has been optimized.

Administrators can now better manage anonymization and deletion. In addition, data protection officers receive an overview of which users have given their consent to the use of cookies and the implementation of data protection policies.

The innovations mentioned cover essential requirements of the GDPR (general data protection regulation) and make it easier for administrators to comply with applicable regulations. In the upcoming BlueSpice updates, this function will be further optimized to meet the requirements and procedures of the GDPR. We are pleased to announce a separate article with further details on this topic which will be published in the upcoming weeks.

3. Customizable top navigation

The header area of your wiki can now be used to integrate an additional navigation area (top navigation). For example, you can integrate a central, cross-page navigation or place important links to other platforms. There are no limits to your creativity. The navigation is structured hierarchically and has a predefined number of navigation levels.

4. Revision status

With our new revision list quality managers can easily view the condition of all pages undergoing a quality check. The list can be filtered by both page name and approval status.

5. Navigation und access rights

In BlueSpice 3.0 some navigation areas were shown or hidden depending on the login status of a user. For example, users who were not logged in could not see the book list even if they had read permission. This problem is now fixed.

6. Backlinking

Users who navigate to a discussion page now have a link to return to the original page without having to press the back button. This makes it easier to navigate between pages and discussions.


What’s next?

Our goal is to publish patch releases at significantly shorter intervals in the future, so that even small improvements can be implemented more quickly in the productive system of our customers.


You are a customer already?

Customers who would like to benefit from the new features in BlueSpice 3.0.1 are kindly requested to contact their project manager via phone, use our ticket system or contact us via


Not a customer yet but interested in BlueSpice MediaWiki?

Please send an e-Mail at or give us a call at: +49 (0) 941 660 80 197.


Here you can find further information about BlueSpice and our services:

We look forward to working with you to make BlueSpice 3 better and better. Let’s Wiki together!

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