BlueSpice 3: The successful enterprise wiki just got even better

With BlueSpice 3 we finally published a brand new version of our popular wiki software based on MediaWiki. By a thorough revision and the employment of newest technologies we developed a software, which will inspire users.

Under the name BlueSpice (formerly BlueSpice free) we continue to provide a free basic software for private users and smaller enterprises. With BlueSpice pro corporate customers will benefit from a powerful wiki software with numerous improved and new enterprise functions. BlueSpice pro is the software of choice for the following use cases:

  • Knowledge Management / Knowledgebase
  • Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015)
  • IT Documentation (ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000)
  • Technical Documentation (VDI 4500)
  • Organization Manuals
  • Customer Service & Support (Online-Helpdesk)

BlueSpice pro stands for stability, security and scalability and is the foundation of a modern, knowledge-based company. As a central, cross-departmental and cross-location solution, BlueSpice pro is THE alternative to intranet software and a turbo for optimizing your corporate culture.

We would like to introduce you to the most important innovations in BlueSpice 3:

New user interface and responsive design

BlueSpice 3 offers a new navigation concept and a responsive user interface. Users can now access and edit wiki content at any time and from their smartphone or tablet. The new interface is more graphic and tidier. Among other things, this becomes obvious in the new navigation in the right-hand column. Here we have bundled the functions for quality assurance and other page actions. In addition wiki contents in BlueSpice 3 are given considerably more space and prominence by the optional folding away of the left and right navigation column. This leaves more space for reading and editing the content.

New search engine

BlueSpice 3 uses the high-end search engine Elasticsearch, which is also utilized by Wikipedia. Previous functions like filtering search results or searching through file attachments are of course retained. The new search offers significant improvements:

  • a more meaningful presentation of search results
  • searchability of semantic metadata (e.g. data in forms)
  • clearer display of auto-complete with display of similar articles
  • personalization by marking relevant search hits

VisualEditor of Wikipedia

In BlueSpice 3 we replace the previous TinyMCE editor with the VisualEditor from MediaWiki. This editor has been developed especially for MediaWiki and is permanently used in all wikipedias of the world, thus is extremely stable. The new editor supports many specific wiki functions like easy editing of templates without having to understand wikitext or interfering with the source code. Popular BlueSpice functions such as the insertion of images via drag & drop remain a valuable component of the software.

News communication and discussion system

The possibilities to discuss articles are very limited in the classic MediaWiki. Similar to facebook or twitter BlueSpice 3 now features a timeline that facilitates collaborative work on content. Discussion posts can be quickly created, commented on, recommended, assigned to articles and easily tracked. The new tool also offers a blog function and many other exciting features.

Simplified rights management

Wiki administrators now receive a standard selection of „roles“ (including admin, author, editor, reviewer, commentator or reader) that can be assigned to users for different namespaces. This eliminates the tedious task of selecting from over 100 individual rights per role. Other roles and rights constellations remain possible in the future.

Further novelties

No less important are these new functions

  • Documents can now be attached to the end of an article via drag & drop, ideal for all types of documentation.
  • Admins will now find a clearer interface to configure the wiki.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once.
  • There is a two-column view of editing conflicts.
  • Tables in the content area can be filtered.
  • The central login functionality (LDAP and SAML) has been updated

Try BlueSpice 3 or request an upgrade

Are you a contract customer using BlueSpice pro?

Based upon a staggered and clearly defined upgrade process, we migrate your data securely and reliably into BlueSpice 3. If you are interested in an upgrade, require further information or a cost estimate, please let us know today. Any remaining support contingents will be fully deducted from the upgrade costs.

  • Create a support-ticket titled „Upgrade to BlueSpice 3“, or
  • Contact your project manager or
  • Contact our office for support at +49(0) 941 660 80 0 or via e-mail at: with your upgrade request.

We are happy to accompany the upgrade process to BlueSpice 3 at our contract customers with a free 2-hour online training course. In the training we will explain important innovations in detail and answer your questions.

You are not a customer yet and have questions about BlueSpice pro?

For further information and product advice, please contact our sales department at or + 49 (0)941 660 80 197.

You are not a customer yet and would like to test BlueSpice pro?

Option 1: Request access to your personal test wiki now. If you decide to use BlueSpice pro after the 30-day test phase, your data can be transferred from the test system if you wish:

Option 2: Use our publicly accessible demo Wiki to test BlueSpice pro. Please note that all content is deleted daily:

You are interested in the free version BlueSpice?

The installation of BlueSpice has become a bit more demanding, which has to do with design decisions of the Wikimedia Foundation. For example, the VisualEditor requires the installation of the Parsoid application. If you have any suggestions regarding the installation instructions, please contact us directly in our forum.

Whatever BlueSpice 3 is used for by you –  we wish you a lot of fun and success with our new software and look forward to your questions and suggestions.


Your BlueSpice team

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    February 21, 2019

    We’re an audio production and voice over company and have used BlueSpice’s MediaWiki for years as a ‘vault’ for passwords & software serial numbers.

    It was rock solid and very secure! Very impressive.

    Love the software and ease of use! Keen to see the latest enhancements.


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