BlueSpice 2.27.3 is published


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Everything you need to know about the new version.

With BlueSpice 2.27.3 a new patch release is available. Over 80 bugfixes bring numerous improvements under the cover.


Release highlights

Since this is a patch release, 2.27.3 contains only a few functional improvements:

  • The display of all subpages is sorted in a better way.
  • The link wizard InsertLink informs users whether the desired page to be linked exists.
  • Namespaces can now also have hyphens in their names.
  • The InsertMagic wizard (which you can use to insert tags, switches and variables) now offers the possibility to give users a list of the most important tags to prevent longer searches (“Quick access”).
  • In future, our pro users will be able to assign many pages to a book at once using the “Mass add” function in the Bookmaker. You select the pages of a category or the subpages of a page and only have to sort the added pages. It is also possible to search for pages and export the search results and import them into the book.

More details can be found in our current release notes. And on the release page in the helpdesk.


Is the update worthwhile?

Absolutely. We recommend all users to switch to the new version if possible.


Which MediaWiki version is supported?

BlueSpice is always based on the latest Long-term Support Version (LTS) of MediaWiki. This is currently still MediaWiki version 1.27. Younger versions are possible, but for stable and secure operation we recommend to stick with this version.

The Wikimedia Foundation is currently preparing a new LTS version with version 1.31. We will upgrade to this new version with BlueSpice 3.


How do I get the new version?

Users of the free version get 2.27.3 (with and without installer) as usual from the official download page. The setup portal also contains the installation instructions, the system requirements and the update instructions.

Our customers can also download the Pro version from the download page. If you do not have an account yet, please let us know.


Our update support

Of course you can also have BlueSpice updated by our technical service. Pro customers can offset the update against open support hours. Please contact us directly to find out about your options.


Last but not least: Thank you all!

Thanks again to all the developers and the MediaWiki community who made this release possible!

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