BlueSpice 2.27.0 released

New BlueSpice release 2.27.0.

Our focus: quality assurance, usability and farming.

We proudly announce today’s stable release of the new BlueSpice for MediaWiki 2.27.0. It is our second release this year and brings new features and numerous optimizations. Above all, it is fully compatible with the long-time support version MediaWiki 1.27.

All detailed information can be found in our BlueSpice Helpdesk:
Notable changes,
Release notes with changelog,
• Installation instructions with installer and without installer,
Update instructions.

We have installed some pretty helpful features. The focus is on characteristics such as quality assurance, usability and farming.

These are the most important new features of BlueSpice pro 2.27.0:

Quality assurance

We have added new, frequently requested functions:

  • PageAssignments: Assign user and user groups to pages, e.g. as responsible editors (supersedes the extension ResponsibleEditors).
  • Support your admin: Certain user groups can now assign users to groups without sysop status. It is also possible to allow users access to a selection of administrative tools without having to be sysops.
  • Disable users: Instead of user deletion, you can now disable the users while keeping their full record.
  • Testsystem mode: Visually indicate when a wiki is a testing system.
  • ReadConfirmation: Ask for confirmation that an article was read by certain users.
  • Track usage statistics: Know how often a certain feature is used in your wiki.

Usability and other features

Usability has been enhanced by working on design and user guidance. We also removed the Widgetbar, which was little used, redesigned the confirmation dialogs and the page functions in total. For your work with the wiki there are interesting new features and extensions:

  • Namespace-specific Notifications: They are now much more configurable. Get notifications about changes in the wiki on a namespace basis.
  • Bookmaker: Use the More menu to add pages directly to an existing book.
  • Showtime: An integrated HTML video player for your wiki.
  • FlexiSkin: Manage uploaded images.
  • Drawio: Using the Drawio web service, you can now edit and store flowcharts in the wiki.


The possibilities of the add-on module WikiFarm were significantly extended:

  • Add metadata such as descriptions and tags,
  • Disable old wikis,
  • Organize wikis into groups,
  • Use a central search of all wikis of the farm.

Download the new free version now!

With the new release, the free version of BlueSpice free 2.27.0 can now be downloaded from Sourceforge. The BlueSpice free also has new features and numerous feature enhancements.

You will find a current comparison between the version BlueSpice free and BlueSpice pro on the BlueSpice homepage within the feature comparison list.

Enjoy the new version!

Your Hallo Welt! Team.

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  • Radomir

    December 2, 2016

    After installing Bluespice with installer I have error.

    Exception encountered, of type “BsException”

    I have done everything as I did with older versions.

    Thank you

    • LuisaRoth

      December 2, 2016

      Dear Radomir,
      for any concerns regarding BlueSpice free, whether installation or anything else, please visit the Sourceforge forum and post your exact question there. You can also visit our BlueSpice Helpdesk and find information about the update and installation.
      Best regards. Your BlueSpice team

  • Radomir

    December 2, 2016

    Will do

    thank you


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