BlueSpice 2.23 – a minor release with many changes

The BlueSpice minor release 2.23 contains much more than one would expect. Dialogues are much faster and the individual design of the skin can be implemented much better. This works, because the skin of the wiki has been has been rearranged. We also worked on the performance, e.g. we added the general caching support for BlueSpice, which supports memcached .

In the following you will get an overview on the most important changes:

Installer for new installations

BlueSpice now uses the MediaWiki installer. If you follow the installation step by step you will finally not only get a MediaWiki, but also a BlueSpice 2.23. Especially BlueSpice newbies will be pleased with this functionality. If you already have a BlueSpice and you want to update it, you still have to follow the existing manually way of installing.


Every day the number of available languages for BlueSpice increases. More than 54 languages are in progress and English, German, French, Macedonian, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Ukrainian and Swedish are translated completely or at least 97%. The community of did a really great job on this. Thanks again for your great work!


In the WYSIWYG editor you will find a few changes:

Tables: When you are editing tables you will notice that an important functionality found its way back to the visual editor: coloring the cell background. You will find this step and related functionalities in the „extended“-tab.

Internal links: If you want to link another wiki page with the „InsertLink“-tool you will notice a change. Start typing a word and the system will show matching page names and also matching namespaces. So if you want to link a page in a namespace, choose a namespace first and then start typing again to look for a page in this namespace. By the way the auto-complete, which starts while typing a title, uses a left and right truncation and therefore also finds elements which are not located in the beginning of a page title.

Revised InsertLink tool
Revised InsertLink tool

Dialogue for inserting checklists: So far users had to create a new page with a list on it, remember the name of this page and insert it as a new list in another article to use this as a checklist. Now they can use a simple a dialogue in the visual editor.


We focused on users to simplify their everyday work. For example:

Font size: We adapted the font and chose a larger font size, to improve the readability even on smallscreens. This also means the approximation to the Wikipedia standards.

Vector skin: Users can switch to a vector skin. This skin makes BlueSpice appear like a simple MediaWiki. They just have to activate it in their user preferences in the „appearance“ tab. Keep in mind that a few BlueSpice functionalities like „Focus“ are not available in this vector skin.

Authors, Visitors and Shoutbox at a glance: authors, visitors and the Shoutbox are now placed side by side. As tabs you can enter the information you want.

Shoutbox in the Statebar: The shoutbox is now also linked in the Statebar. At first glance you will see how many comments (shouts) there are for this article. Click on the number to be redirected to the Shoutbox at the end of the article.

The new Statebar displays "shouts"
The new Statebar displays “shouts”

Editing Focus and Widget: Finally! No more detour to the user site – just click on the pen symbol right at the widget bar or focus to enter the edit mode for those functionalities. By the way now you also see the default tools.

Editing the focus
Editing the focus

Context menus with the right-click: A very nice feature is the context dialogues which you will see by clicking on the right mouse button at an internal link. You will see article tools like “delete“. Intermediate steps are obsolete. This is just an example – we can now integrate different functionalities for different links – just let us know your idea – we will customize it for you. You can also decide if you want those context dialogues to pop up by clicking on the right mouse button or “CTRL and right-click”. With the last named combination your browser functionalities will open. If you want to use context dialogues they have to be activated by an administrator first (deactivated by default).

Context menu for internal links
Context menu for internal links

Use the browser search: In the search box in the browser (usually at a top right position) you can choose besides Google, Bing or similar search providers also your wiki (integration of Open Search).


Preferences: Extensions are now sorted alphabetically in the preferences and there is a new design – so administrators will find quickly what they are looking for. Just click on the respective area („box“) to change the settings.

Permission Manager: We made some further improvement of the permission manager. The data model has been revised and is faster now. For the administrator of the wiki, this means an easier handling, especially if there are lots of namespaces to organize. You can also switch to a full screen mode and users are displayed hierarchical. Also configure your view by just displaying those namespace you need to edit.

The new designed Permission Manager in BlueSpice
The new designed Permission Manager in BlueSpice

Mass deletion of users, groups and page templates: In the user and group manager there are now selection boxes, so administrators are able to delete more than one user or group at once. You will also find this functionality in the manager for the page templates.

Weighting of search results: Administrators can prioritize namespaces for the search results. Just go to the namespace manager and mark the checkbox at “content namespace” for the namespace you want to prioritize. Contents of this namespace will be preferred in the search results.


See a vanilla BlueSpice 2.23 (means that the system is neither customized nor filled with any content).
And download BlueSpice 2.23.0 at

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  • ahlers01

    December 23, 2014

    I couldn’t get the right-click context menu working.
    I activated the line “require_once( __DIR__.”/ContextMenu/ContextMenu.setup.php” );” in BlueSpiceExtensions.php.
    Does it need more?

    • ahlers01

      December 23, 2014

      Sorry, I shouldn’t have started my feedback with a criticism!
      First of all I’d like to say that the GUI gives a much better impresion now. The small font size in BS 2.22 was a bit cumbersome, especially on high-res screens. That’s much better now.

      If I want to fine-tune the fonts even more, where would i do that? Is there a description somewhere?

      Thanks for the great work!

      with best X-mas wishes


  • Marc

    December 30, 2014

    I was able to get the ContextMenu feature to work with the following limitations:

    * worked in Firefox – didn’t work in IE 11
    * always had to use the CTRL-RightClick combo – regardless of the setting in the prefs
    * only works on internal links (as designed)

    This will be fixed in one of the next releases.

    As for the CSS changes you have the following options:

    1. Use FlexiSkin ( )
    2. Edit the article MediaWiki:Common.css (the MediaWiki way)


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