MediaWiki and BlueSpice maintenance boxes for wiki gardeners

One of several tasks of a Wiki Gardener is to maintain and manage content. But to cope with this tasks, the gardener often needs some help from the wiki users to improve the quality of the articles. Due to this, we provide the “Box Set Wiki Gardener” to point out where help is needed. You might know them from Wikipedia – there you find message templates to warn readers e.g. that references are missing. But our box sets for wiki maintainers contain call to actions that are more specific and according to the needs of company wikis.

We refer to typical issues in a business wiki like outdated data, articles that are too short and missing links and so on. There is also a box included, to mark very good articles as excellent and therefore award the authors and show your readers that there is terrific and interesting content.  With this box templates, you can use messages to activate other users to contribute.  For only 8,99€ you get nine templates with individual icons and an overview site of all boxes with master copies. Got to the BlueSpice Shop to purchase them. They are available in seven different colours and two different languages. Also they fit perfectly to the free navigation icons and our content highlight boxes. You can start using them right away.

Box “Insert links”: The wiki concept is known for its linked content. But sometimes people don’t know how to insert a link, they don’t have the time or maybe don’t know what articles are important to link there. This box template shall draw attention to the lack of links.

box-insert link-redBox “Join the discussion”: A lot of wiki content is important to be discussed but lots of readers don’t dare to start or join a discussion. This box invites them to take part at the conversion and contribute useful input.

box-join the discussion-redBox “Shorten this article”: A lot of wiki articles are too long and therefore they are confusing and do not invite an user to read the whole article. It is difficult to filter relevant information. A wiki gardener can use this box to ask for help to clear the content or divide it into several articles.

box-shorten this article-redBox “Translation required”: In multilingual wikis, content is sometimes necessary in several languages. With this box you can mark articles that need to be translated.

box-translation required-redBox “Update this article”: A common problem is that wiki content isn’t updated regularly. That doesn’t have to mean that the content is outdated but it is difficult for users to assess this correctly. So if the content is outdated, you can ask users to help updating it.

box-update this article-redBox “Add content”: Sometimes an author begins to write an article – it doesn’t matter if he forgot to write an introduction or if he didn’t know enough details – some information is missing. So this box invites others to help adding content.

box-addcontent-redBox “Continious text missing”: Especially in documentations, but also in other use cases, users don’t take the time to write a comprehensive article. They use bullet point lists and keywords instead. This is often hard to understand for others. Ask readers to help writing a continuous text.

box-continioustext missing-redBox “Excellent article”: There are lots of very well written, good structured and useful articles in a wiki. Award the author(s) by marking articles as “excellent”. A commendation has never been a drawback – don’t you think?!

box-excellent article-redBox “Insert images”: This box is important for content with a lack of screenshots or images. Ask users to improve the quality and comprehensibility of an article by inserting images.

box-insert images-red

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