New BlueSpice packages for advertising and ratings

We offer two new packages for BlueSpice.

1. BlueSpice [rent a link]

This is a package developed especially for public wikis, which enables you to display banner ads and directory entries in your wiki. It brings a manager for customers and banners, where you can also define campaigns with start and end date. Banner ads are displayed next to the article and can be assigned page-based. Also the rotation to show more than one banner on an article is possible. Also set direcotry entries to the articles. Those appear on an extra page, which is related to the article it belongs to. You decide, if the page is accessable by a link in the Statebar or in an extra tab on top of the article.

If you want to read more about [rent a link], visit the BlueSpice website. Or take a look at, where you can see how it looks like. To watch an example for the directory entries, take a look at the BlueSpice article on


Example for banners in a wiki
Example for banners in a wiki

2. BlueSpice [rated comments]

With this new package, you get an star rating tool, to rate articles with up to 5 stars – like everyone knows e.g. from Amazon. In addition to the rating feature, the package enables the users to write comments and recensions, discuss contents and topics and exchange experiences.

Read more about [rated comments] on the BlueSpice website. An example can be found at Take a look at the article about “Gimp“. You can see the average rating and the number of evaluations next to the article title. Go to the bottom of the article to read the comments and to see how [rated comments] works.

Rate and comment articles
Rate and comment articles

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