Installation video – how to install MediaWiki and BlueSpice

We published two tutorials on youtube. One movie explains how to install MediaWiki the other one show a step by step installation of BlueSpice.

MediaWiki installation:


BlueSpice installation:

We’re sorry that the explanations are in German. But at least it’s a start of getting an idea on where to click and what to do.
Good luck and if you need any further information….

… have a look at our helpdesk (with installation manual, extension descriptions, changelog …)

… please ask in our support forum on sourceforge

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  • Oliver Russell

    June 11, 2019

    To install Mediawiki on a server you must have access to ftp. This is because mediawiki can be installed by uzipping the installation files to the server. When access the domain where the server is pointed, the mediawiki installation wizard will help you install it and connect it with database. Source:


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