BlueSpice in the Russian Wikipedia – maybe soon in other languages, too?

BlueSpice is mentioned in the Russian “MediaWiki” article. In the German Wikipedia, there is a seperate article about BlueSpice for MediaWiki. And last but not least, in the English Wikipedia there is a list of wiki software. Here you will find an entry about BlueSpice, but there is no content in the article itself. Maybe you help to improve or create a neutral article about BlueSpice for MediaWiki in your Wikipedia?

You don’t knwo how to edit in Wikipedia properly? Have a look at the introduction.

Tambien es possible escribir in Wikipedia España. Los primeros pasos


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  • Yury Katkov

    February 6, 2013

    It was I who added BlueSpice there, lol 🙂

    • NathalieKoepff

      February 7, 2013

      Well, then thanks a lot! 🙂 Are you also motivated to start an article in the English Wikipedia? Greetings Nathalie


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