New Release: BlueSpice 1.20

Now you can download the new BlueSpice 1.20 (beta) Release on

But wait a second, 1.20?! It’s no mistake! We decided to match the BlueSpice version number with the MediaWiki version numbers. So users benefit from MediaWiki innovations.

BlueSpice version numbers
BlueSpice version numbers

From now on, BlueSpice versions will be named after the following rules: The number in the front refers to BlueSpice major releases. The number after the first point refers to the compatible MediaWiki version.  So is there a new MediaWiki version we will harmonize BlueSpice and this will be a new BlueSpice version number. Furthermore BlueSpice 1.20 is an exception because this will be the only BlueSpice version that is backwards compatible back to MediaWiki 1.17. After this version all BlueSpice versions are only compatible to the MediaWiki version you see in the version number (BlueSpice 1.21 will be compatible only to MediaWiki 1.21).

But now let’s get to the features in BlueSpice 1.20 (beta):

There are lots of helpful features. For example improved search features like autocomplete and search-as-you-type.  In many cases you will have found the article that you are looking for even before you have finished typing the search term. While typing, the wiki proposes search items.  This reduces search time and you will find relevant information more quickly.

Thanks to “InsertMagic” it’s possible to insert dynamic elements e.g. tags, magic words, templates… You don’t have to look for the piece of code in special pages. Just use the button in the editor tool bar and insert the required element.

In this InsertMagic assistant you will also find the tag <bs:pageaccess groups=”” />. There you can add groups that should be allowed to view the page. So now it’s possible to assign rights for single pages.

The new search facets “limiting date ranges” to refine your search results we had to postpone to the next release. Also Extension Manager that helps you to activate oder deactivate extensions with one click, we had to postpone.

By the way, there are a lot of renewals. For example we installed a feedback  form to to address more effectively the wishes of users.

And maybe you discovered some new packages on And soon there will be an update at the BlueSpice Hompage. We want to rearrange the start page.

So download BlueSpice 1.20!
We wish you lots of fun! And you already know … Your feedback is welcome!

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