BlueSpice 1.0.1 released

Today we published a new release of BlueSpice for MediaWiki. You can now download it at Sourceforge!

The most important changes are:

  • MediaWiki 1.17 is now supported,
  • BlueSpice works with public wikis (no read restriction for anonymous users),
  • RSS feeds now have token authentication (you can use them with Outlook even when read access is generally restricted),
  • Added PageTemplates option to enforce a given target namespace,
  • Review works with flagged revs,
  • Removed version specific “common” folder in bluespice-skin.

But you can read the complete release notes below.

Thanks all for your help and encouragement 🙂



RELEASE NOTES BlueSpice 1.0.1

## BlueSpice Core / BlueSpice for MediaWiki
## Copyright 2011 by Hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH

= BlueSpice release notes =

== BlueSpice Core 1.0.1 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.0.1 ==


This is a patch release. It is the fixes a lot of bugs of BlueSpice Core and BlueSpice for MediaWiki.

== Changes since BlueSpice Core 1.0 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.0 ==
=== Main changes ===
* MediaWiki 1.17 is now supported
* BlueSpice works with public wikis (no read restriction for anonymous users)
* RSS feeds now have token authentication (you can use them with Outlook even when read access is generally restricted)
* Added PageTemplates option to enforce a given target namespace
* Review works with flagged revs
* Removed version specific “common” folder in bluespice-skin

=== BlueSpice Core ===
* Fixed bug when saving configuration in MW1.17
* Removed “BlueSpice” from mouseover texts in ExtendedSearch form
* Fixed bug in output handler where standard AJAX calls would not pass when not logged in
* Added installcheck script
* Added method to check if curl is activated in ExtendedSearch
* Restored fulltext search option in IE8
* OutputHandler is now compatible to load.php (ResouceHandler)
* Various i18n fixes

=== BlueSpice for MediaWiki ===
* Overall code cleanup
* Various i18n fixes
* WantedArticle: added a comma to the queue
* ResponsibleEditors: changed format of namespace settings
* Statistics: added DejaVu font and made jpgraph use it.
* UniversalExport: added debugformat option. Use URL param debugformat=html in order to generate HTML output
* InsertFile: now uses MySQL stored procedures
* PageTemplates: “force default namespace” feature
* Adapter: modified remote handler to get secure files on extension whitelist to show on pages in $wgWhitelistRead even for anonymous users.
* Review: consider flagged revs
* RSSFeeder: fixed bug with display of namespaces
* PageTemplates: PageTemplatesAdmin now works in IE
* WantedArticle: fixed i18n
* InsertFile: fixed upload in IE8
* InsertCategory: fixed JS error
* Adapter: MW 1.16+ compatibility for public wikis
* PermissionManager: fixed SQL statement
* InsertFile: fixed file name sanitation
* InsertFile: file extensions now case insensitive
* WantedArticle: hitting enter is now the same as clicking add  (suggested before)
* Preferences: fixed bug where allowed file types for upload would not have any effect
* Preferences: fixed multiselect add function in MW1.17
* PermissionManager: Adapter/config/pm-settings.php is now generated automatically (so as to keep existing settings intact)
* PageTemplates: fixed bug where for pages in namespaces the namespace would show up double
* Emoticons: emoticons with : and ; now work with MW1.17
* RSSFeeder: now works with token authentication
* Authors: fixed profile images in MW 1.16.x +
* WantedArticle: removed page link in ajax response, as we don’t  have ExtJS messagebox on the clientside available
* PagesVisited: fixed “duplicate entries after page move”
* InsertFile: fixed error message after file upload
* SaferEdit: fixed JavaScript-error when moving a page

=== BlueSpice Skin ===
* Proper embedding of SkinTemplateToolboxEnd standard output into the TOOLBOX Widget
* Support for resource loader (conditional for MW1.17)
* Fixed “AllPages” link not being translated in MW 1.15.x
* Shortened wpSummary field
* Fixed SemanticForms ui-class overwrite (tabs in left navigation)
* Removed version specific “common” folder

== The Team ==
=== Programmers ===
* Markus Glaser
* Radovan Kubani
* Sebastian Ulbricht
* Marc Reymann
* Mathias Scheer
* Thomas Lorenz
* Tobias Weichert
* Robert Vogel
* Erwin Forster
* Karl Waldmannstetter
* Daniel Lynge
* Tobias Davids

=== Design & Testing ===
* Anja Ebersbach
* Richard Heigl
* Nathalie Köpff
* Michael Rödl
* Michael Scherm
* Dardan Diugan
* Christina Glaser
* Patric Wirth

== Standing on the shoulders of giants ==
We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You’ve created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!

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