BlueSpice 2.22.0 (beta) is ready for testing!

BlueSpice2.22.0 (beta) is online! Go for the new version at
But bear in mind that this is a test version and not suitable for a live system.

So feel free to test it – your feedback is welcome at

UPDATE: If you tested BlueSpice 2.22.0 (beta) please post your feedback till sunday (3rd of november) at Then preparations for the stable will get into top gear.

2 Comments to “BlueSpice 2.22.0 (beta) is ready for testing!”

  1. xinity77 21 October 2013 at 08:10 #

    is there any changelog for this beta release ?

    by the way are the other bluespice skins compatible with the 2.22.0 ?

    keep up the good work !

    • NathalieKoepff 23 October 2013 at 12:27 #

      Hey Xinity77,

      we will publish a detailled changelog only for the stable version of 2.22.0. But if you urgently need one please net me know. Concerning the skins… we will provide a legacy skin (the BlueSpice 1 skin compatible to BlueSpice 2). But free skins like “green solutions” won’t work correctly because they don’t provide some of the new BlueSpice 2 functions. The good news is that we plan to publish some new skins for BlueSpice 2 – some will be free some charged.

      Ah and thanks for the compliment… for our developers it’s a big motivation when they hear that people like what they do :)

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